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Video Production Pricing that fits your needs

Consistent video publishing to social media and other digital platforms has become the most effective advertising solution over the past decade. What’s in today, is gone tomorrow. With our retainer video production pricing model, your content will stay current and on trend.

Types of video for digital retainer

Retainer Pricing

All video production pricing levels include a 2D logo animation!

Level 1: $1,000/mo

Give your brand a success boost with 8 hours of video shoot and edit per month.* Perfect for up and coming business looking to make their mark on the advertising frontier.

Level 2: $2,500/mo

Reach a whole new audience with 23 hours of video shoot and edit per month.* A great plan that will help you reach an even broader target audience!

Level 3: $5,000/mo

Show your competitors that you mean business with 50 hours of video shoot and edit per month.* Your brand will have enough consistently fresh content to leave your competition in the dust.

Level 4: Custom

Of course if you're looking for something more, we'd be happy to craft a custom strategy that fits your needs.

*Music, voice over and script writing is not included.

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